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A new tool for the job site

Construction sites are notoriously inefficient due to outdated methods for tracking workers’ time. Penta Technologies, a trusted software developer in the industry for 35 years, had a new solution. The challenge was getting stubborn executives and field managers to adopt it.

Make it memorable

We called it “STRUXI” (Latin for “to build”). With the tagline “Software Built for Hard Work,” a time tracker that actually works for construction sites entered the world. Penta now had a more memorable and compelling brand to take to the field.

Building an identity

To give the new time tracking tool a relatable identity, we combined iconography that captures what the product does — a clock — with iconography conveying who it’s for: hard hats, buzz saws and circuits.

Generating buzz

Calling Penta's target audience "tough customers" would be an understatement. Our mantra was "No B.S. allowed," so our campaigns used simple, straightforward and irreverent language.

The Work

A4 Landscape Magazine Mockup vol2
Struxi Presentation
Struxi Bookand Cup

For the product launch, SRH designed and produced useful swag for the Penta sales team to deliver to foremen and construction workers. They deliver great software AND hot coffee!

Struxi Brand Guidelines Mockup

With hard-to-ignore creative, Struxi captured the attention of an often tech-averse audience — making Struxi-empowered construction teams able to reduce admin time by 50%, leaving SRH 100% proud.


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