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Integrative Therapeutics

Shifting to DTC

Creative Production, Web Development, Media Strategy

Relief from Suffering

For sufferers of gastrointestinal conditions like IBS, IBD and Crohn’s, life can be filled with crippling moments of pain. Integrative Therapeutics developed Physicians’ Elemental Diet to help ease the suffering of people with these conditions. After years of selling this product through physicians, they decided to remove barriers to access by taking the product Direct to Consumer (DTC).

A tough sell

Due to its medical-grade nature, Physicians’ Elemental Diet is expensive, costing hundreds of dollars for a couple week’s supply. It is also difficult to stick with a full meal replacement plan. This meant Integrative Therapeutics faced an uphill battle to convince potential customers to buy and adhere to the plan.

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The warrior mindset

We discovered that many sufferers of chronic illnesses identify as “invisible illness warriors,” so we filmed true stories of warriors who used Physicians Elemental Diet to inspire new customers to try the product.

Easy to find

We created a website that acted as a hub of resources for people looking for relief from their gastrointestinal issues. Our media strategy was highly targeted and optimized around relevant search terms, ensuring that our product was available only to people seriously searching for this product. This helped maintain a positive ROAS, keeping the campaign efficient and effective.

The Work

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We designed the site with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) in mind, ensuring an easy path to purchase.


We developed a series of tools and resources in collaboration with doctors so website users could navigate to the right product for them.

Revenue of Physicians Elemental Diet increased by 50%, average time on site increased by 400%, and conversions increased by 500%. The product continues to be a top choice for sufferers of gastrointestinal conditions.