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They felt the need. The need for leads.

Nutraceutical manufacturer Integrative Therapeutics came to us looking to grow and engage their practitioner customer base. To do this, we would need to get physicians excited — for real — about choosing Integrative supplements. On top of that, in order for any campaign to be truly successful, marketing and sales needed to work in close unison — easier said than done, as most B2B marketers know.

Working with sales for insights

Our teams collaborated directly with the salespeople who could give us practitioner insights from the ground floor. We uncovered their need to continuously improve their craft, seeing that physicians rely heavily on evidence-based research. Through our work with the sales team, we gained an even deeper insight: their physician prospects struggle to translate the research to patients.

Integrative expertise. Integrated delivery.

We partnered with leading doctors to develop the ultimate integrated resource: The Integrative Quarterly. “The IQ” is an industry report featuring news and trends tailored to inform medical professionals, with insights from industry leaders, clinical studies and supplement information.

The Work

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The IQ provided Grade A collateral for the sales team and a treasure trove of marketing content.

By gating the most robust content behind lead forms, we were able to expand Integrative’s database of practitioners, and adjust based on the quality of these leads.


conversion rate to download IQ
12.8 MM

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ROAS for remarketing ads

“I want to be challenged. And I don’t want to mince my words either. I want to pick up the phone and fight through tough problems with someone who understands my complicated business and thinks long-term on my behalf. That’s what I get with SRH.”

– Amanda Arendt
Marketing Director, Integrative Therapeutics 

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