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Fighting for every voice to count

Voter disenfranchisement is affecting communities across our country. In 2020, a group of organizers wanted to do something about it. They created a nonpartisan fund to battle suppression in key midwestern states. But with the presidential election rapidly approaching, they needed to raise enough funds to have tangible impact, and they needed to do it fast.

Stirring deep emotions

In order for these community organizers to quickly rally people to their cause, they needed an undeniable name that spoke to the seriousness of the issue, with no ambiguity. “Voter disenfranchisement” sounds like a complex concept, but we understood that the stakes are simple: suppress voters, suppress democracy. The Battle for Democracy Fund was born.

Up and running

We helped BDF create a brand identity and communications strategy, laying the groundwork with strategic positioning and foundational messaging. From there, we designed a logo and a suite of graphics. A new website launched, acting as a hub for the organization’s outreach efforts.

The Work

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Our content strategy had two simple goals: educate the public on the issue of voter suppression, and compel them to donate to the fund to help combat it.

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Immediate Impact

Battle for Democracy Fund raised over $70K in less than a month — money that went directly toward reaching voters during the heart of election season.

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“SRH is radically different: a relationship that’s about continuation. There's a body of work and experience of who we are, but always with a fresh look. This continuity is priceless.”

Keisha Krumm, Lead Organizer