SRH | What’s in your toolbox?

What’s in your toolbox?

“What’s in the box? What’s in the box?!”
Your project management toolbox that is.

If there’s one thing every project manager knows it’s this: your projects are almost certainly guaranteed to change from the original plan. It’s why we need a really solid set of tools to keep everything buttoned down. As a project manager, your job is to make sure that the team stays on task, on time, and on budget – even as things change. So how do you keep it all in order?


Project management tools can range from effective communication methods to robust software. Here’s a peek at what SRH has in our toolbox.

We introduced Productive – a project management app designed to help manage your project through its entire lifecycle – at the beginning of 2019. Productive is by far one of the best project management software programs out there, with capabilities for task management, time tracking, complex reporting, resourcing planning, invoicing and more. It’s also user-friendly, intuitive, easy to navigate and customizable. Having one source of truth for the company’s essential data not only makes SRH’s data more accurate, but has allowed our PM team to more effectively manage all teams.


To manage a project efficiently, it all starts with an accurate estimate. Over time, you can generate an accurate estimate using the data you’ve collected with your project management software, but knowledge and understanding of the services you are estimating is key. Tools like Skillshare help fill gaps when you’re not sure where to start.


Here at SRH we find the Google Suite invaluable. The PM team uses it to create and share documents, tracking, scheduling and more. Using our own branded templates for documents like creative briefs and SOWs helped to standardize our processes. G-suite also effectively keeps our teams updated, collaboratively and in real-time, so everyone is literally on the same page.

We’ve shared just a few of our favorite project management tools here (and none are paid endorsements), but we are always on the lookout for more. Contact us to find out more or tell us about some of yours!