Essential Super Bowl Commercial Mixtape — SIDE B


Welcome back! This week we venture further into the Super Bowl commercial vortex with the B-SIDES.

5.) Ram Trucks — “Farmer

Another example of how sometimes simpler is better. Ram Trucks’ ode to farmers and to Paul Harvey and the American heartland is packed with so much heart it cut through the clutter like a bandsaw when it ran in 2013. It’s since been a regular inclusion in brainstorms and pitch decks at SRH to show how rich an experience you can create with just powerful pictures and parallax — a style that was quite disruptive in the gameday context as well. Guts and glory indeed.

6.) Chrysler — “Imported from Detroit”

Everyone loves a comeback story. And whenever we’re tasked for a spine-tingling, rise-from-the-ashes rally cry, this is the first reference point… followed shortly by the speeches from Braveheart and Any Given Sunday. I happened to drive a Mustang when this ad ran in 2011, and it made me feel pretty cool to ride the Detroit Iron… even though I’ve since replaced it with a much more practical and economical Subaru Legacy (ahh the joys of growing up!). Anyway, ICYMI this spot also has one of the best taglines ever.

7.) Tide — “It’s A Tide Ad”

Of course the greatest coup of all is when Saatchi & Saatchi managed to turn every Super Bowl ad into a Tide ad. I think we can all agree on David Harbour as well.

8.) FedEx — “10 Things”

And finally, in case this mixtape failed to teach us anything about what makes a good Super Bowl spot, FedEx was kind enough to do it for us… in a Super Bowl spot. This one goes out to the meta-heads.

So there you have it! Our first ever Essential Super Bowl Commercial Mixtape. I have no doubt we missed some that hold a special place in your heart. Do share them with us and perhaps they’ll make the cut next year.

See you Super Bowl Sunday!