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Media Strategy Grab Bag!


There have been a lot of frequently asked questions among our clients on the following topics.


I get a lot of questions about Bing Search, and I always respond with the same answer: get on it. While Google does have a larger chunk of the search volume, Bing advertises across Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL – something that’s especially important for B2B advertisers. Instapage has a quick and snappy blog you can check out for more info!


Blocklists are important. They help you keep your brand away from things you don’t want to be associated with, they can help keep engagement high, and they can help you optimize your budgets and results. However, sometimes your blocklists can hurt small publishers and can cause financial loss to important journalism outlets. VICE put out a piece a couple of weeks ago, on why adding Black Lives Matter content and keywords to your blocklists is harmful not only to your brand, but also to publishers.


Sports are…..kinda back? Men’s soccer sure is, and it is filled to the brim with… Lots and lots of ads. Without ticket sales to support revenue, advertiser spots are being shoved every which way onto the field. From a big ole’ Adidas logo in the center of the field, to a huge strip of screen going around the whole field for advertisers to throw their logos on. The images and videos are insane.

More Sports.

If you thought all those screens were a lot, the NFL is considering getting rid of some premium seating to make room for large advertising banners that take up the lower bowl of stadiums, like this Bud Light ad to make up for lost revenue. For Packers season ticket holders – better check where your prized seats are.

A bit of a random week of topics, but we’re in a pretty random time.

So, the moral of the story is, if you find yourself with some extra marketing budget this year, expanding to Bing or placing a giant banner in the middle of a sporting arena are two great options. Cheers.