If the ‘get’ is a flop, then the leads gonna stop.


It’s like a switch flipped and suddenly it’s fall! OK by us, fall is easily the best season in this beautiful state we call home.

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Latest marketing headlines & resources

Hershey is getting creative in preparation for the Halloween season. The holiday falls on a Saturday this year, which normally means bonkers sales for candy. But this year, some cities are cancelling Trick-or-Treating due to COVID. Hershey teamed up with Google to serve different ads depending on whether families will stay in or go door-to-door. We wonder how much it costs to get that level of data. Also, we wonder why you’d cancel trick-or-treating – the whole point is to wear a mask.

It’s no surprise given everything going on this year that mental health is a huge concern. At SRH, we recently spearheaded creative for the Shine Through! movement with Children’s Wisconsin, so the topic is near and dear to us. Clean & Clear, the skincare company, is partnering with therapy startup Frame for a mental health awareness campaign. Brands fighting the good fight.

We are more and more rapidly moving toward a world without cookies (the digital kind), as a recent study shows that contextual advertising is more efficient than behavioral targeting. As privacy concerns and legislation like GDPR limit targeting, contextual ads may increasingly become the default.

Who wants leads? You want leads!

We all want leads, let’s all get leads!

As a former high school mascot, I was an eagle for a visual, I love hyping people up. And as a media buyer, it’s a critical part of what helps me do my job, especially when it comes to lead generation campaigns.

One of the most common situations we help clients solve is: low lead gen, but good site traffic. Impressions are high, click through and traffic are good, time on site is long, bounce rate is low, but the leads are light.

A lot of people are confused as to what the problem could be. Real quick, based on the scenario above, let me tell you what the problem isn’t.

Audience. If the traffic is high, the bounce is low, and the time on site is long – the campaign is clearly reaching the right people. Ad creative and messaging. Click through is high, traffic is high, that means the campaign is engaging at the highest level. It’s convincing the audience to check out your site.

So if those aren’t the issue, what is?

Most often, a ‘get’ that isn’t exciting. A lead is typically a name, email, and other data that is given in exchange for some sort of collateral, like a white paper or case study. And you can have the coolest ad in the world, a beautifully optimized site or landing page, but if the get is a flop, the leads gonna stop.

So, to help you in your quest for leads, here are some of the content types we love, that are sure to create hype around your business or product and get you those sweet, sweet leads.

The Cheat Sheet
Got a little set of tricks and tips that could help people in your industry? Or a set of secrets that could help potential customers navigate their day to day lives a little better? That’s a juicy get, it’s helpful, it’s actionable, and it provides value from the start.

The Checklist
Always catchy, easily digestible, and relevant y’all! A quick step by step checklist or a few bits and bobs people overlook in your industry is crazy valuable content. Much like the cheat sheet, it helps show prowess and expertise, while establishing trust as a leader.

The Trial
Got a service? Let them take it for a spin! Or, set up a deluxe demo, where they can see exactly how your product or service impacts their business. Maybe the demo comes with a special offer. It’s a step up from the traditional demo, and a step up from the competition in most cases.

Exclusive Research or Data on Your Industry
You got that hot new research? Conducted an in depth study with some killer results? Put that goodness behind a form field! Now that’s some exciting content! Woo! Definitely worth the price of sharing personal information.