How’s your agency’s bedside manner?


Good morning!

Spring is springing! With a few 70+ degree days under our belts, we are happily getting a little taste of summer. That said, it’s only April 8th, so don’t jinx us and remove your ice scraper from your car quite yet…

This morning, our Director of Accounts, Jeff Ohm will be sharing how a recent trip to the hospital reminded him about the value of a true care team. It takes a dedicated group of nurses, doctors and specialists to keep a patient alive, and for some care groups who go that extra mile, a patient can really feel the love. That’s our goal, too.

Where healthcare delivery and healthy clients converge

My wife was recently in the hospital for a few days for a routine and relatively uneventful procedure. It’s all good now, back to 100%, no worries.

Over the few days I was with her in her room, I observed quite a few similarities between the medical care staff, and a typical ad agency staff. Most notably:

  • It takes a lot of different people to get results.
  • The team genuinely cared about what was best for her.
  • The care team effortlessly performed each task, and we really had no concerns about the quality of the treatments being given.
  • Our questions were answered when asked.
  • Each aspect of her treatment had specialists and experts that knew exactly what they were doing.

But, with all of this happening, and with so many different people helping us over the course of a few days (RNs, CPNs, Doctors, Surgeons, Specialists, PAs, etc.) it was also overwhelming and confusing about who to turn to, who to trust, and what was going to happen next. In fact, we weren’t always getting the same information about what needed to happen, and rarely was the info coming proactively. Surprisingly, there were times when her team(s) weren’t aligned with the information being given. I never felt like we had a single source of truth or trust.

It’s for these reasons that at SRH, each of our clients has a client team. These dedicated teams provide a consistent relationship of experts and specialists that are aligned with you and your goals, from the very beginning. So, whether it’s media planning, brand strategy, project or client relationships, we have nimble, accountable teams that are solely dedicated to helping ensure the best possible results for our client partners.

Led by a single point of contact at every step, our client teams wrap around you and your business. So, unlike the beehive of medical professionals in our hospital room, your SRH team:

  • Contains a team of specialists and experts aligned to all facets of the project, right from the beginning.
  • Provides timely answers, and solutions, that are aligned with the collective goal.
  • Represents specialty areas: creative, media, and brand strategy and is ready to tackle any challenge.
  • Holds a collective history and knowledge of your brand, competitors and industry trends.
  • Collaborates as a team—talks through and scrutinizes each solution before making recommendations.
  • Holds each other accountable so that the work delivered is sound, on time and exceeds expectations.
  • Is a source of truth and trust.
  • Anticipates issues or challenges and proactively provides plans to address them.
  • Recognizes when to bring in more specialists and partners to make sure the best solution is offered.

It all starts with a genuine desire to help our client partners to thrive and reach their organizational goals. We may not use scalpels or wear scrubs (we do wear masks!), but we are humans helping humans to live their best lives.