SRH | Happy Together (soon!)

Happy Together (soon!)


In today’s world, it seems silly to write about using technology to stay connected to our partners and clients. I can’t share anything that you don’t already know about or have read a hundred times before. It’s because of technology that we’ve been able to mostly work from home without too much disruption in our respective roles or jobs. From Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, texting, email, you name it, I can’t imagine there is a lack of communication happening within most businesses. Heck, it’s been over a year since most of us have been in an office.

But, with all this technology available to us, it seems to me that although we can communicate in more ways, we’re connecting less. Zoom is fine, but nothing can replace the energy, the emotion and the power of meeting, talking, laughing and arguing together in person. At our agency, few things are more rewarding than collaboration — the hands-on, good-ole’ fashion working sessions that explore endless possibilities and lead to solving problems. It’s awesome to see our conference room whiteboards filled with inspiration and ideas. I believe so much more can happen when we’re together.

I think we’re all going to find that getting back to in-person meetings will be harder, will take more time, will require more pre-planning, heck, it will even require us to get dressed. But, I also hope that we all can re-learn that it’s worth it.

I believe technology should be used to supplement, not supplant, the one thing that can make great relationships meaningful and effective: being together, with each other. True, good work and outcomes can happen anywhere. But, great work happens when it’s made the old-fashioned way: together.


Imagine me and you I do

I think about you day and night

It’s only right

To think about the girl you love

And hold her tight

So happy together