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  • One of the reasons companies struggle to choose their brand vision and values is that they worry about living up to lofty standards. Ellen DeGeneres is getting hammered right now because she couldn’t live up to her brand of “niceness.” When choosing your brand values, be sure they are ones you back with your actions.
  • Burger King may as well rebrand as “PR Stunt King.” First it was social distancing crowns, and now they have custom masks with your order printed on them (so you don’t have to speak to order). We doubt many people will actually use them, but that’s not the point. A PR stunt grabs attention, often purely through the concept. It’s hard to forget things like The Subservient Chicken.
  • TikTok is operating normally for now, but Marketers are starting to rethink. Many are skeptical of Microsoft taking it over, but we’re cautiously optimistic. LinkedIn improved tremendously as an advertising platform after the tech giant took the reigns. It’s definitely the biggest deal to watch this year.

2020 has brought a lot of sameness to us. Same house, same desk, same tv, same people, etc. And for some, it’s been the same ads, the same media mix, the same creative.

The Facebook Instant Experience Ad

Another day, another Facebook quarantine video ad with a sad dog, sad piano, and a ‘we’re all in this together’ message. Over it.

You going for the emotional plat? You want to bring the feels? Why not suck them right in to an immersive ad experience, where with one click, their whole phone screen turns into a sad dog. And just below is a carousel of videos of people helping each other with bright and sad piano.

Just one call-to-action? Don’t know her. An Instant Experience ad can have up to 6 call-to-action buttons! Plus, a swipe up feature to easily get to your site. They’re cool, they’re fun, and they work! We’ve seen conversion activity and engagement activity skyrocket when we add these into our Facebook campaigns.


The Responsive Search Ad

Do you like a little game of roulette every once in a while? Do you love the thrill of being somewhat surprised? Then the Responsive Search Ad is for you!

A standard text ad has fixed headlines and descriptions. When launching a responsive search ad, you can input a few headlines and descriptions, and Google will launch them in all sorts of ways and optimize for what combo performs best. Fun, and functional. A combo we love.

The 6 Second Bumper Ad

The drama, the intrigue, the wow factor of a 6 second YouTube ad is truly second to none. These bad boys are non-skippable, quick and punchy, and often are the highest traffic and conversion drivers of all the video length formats. This format is sure to leave a long lasting impression, as demonstrated in this example.

That’s the media skinny for this week folks. If you have any questions about how to launch these fresh ad types, feel free to drop us a note.