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8 Reasons to Join us for SRH’s LAST BALCONY BASH EVER on September 16th


That subject line got your attention, didn’t it?

I’m gonna leave you hanging in suspense until you RSVP here

Friday, September 16th
Celebrating 8 Years of Marketing Magic
@ SRH World HQ overlooking Milwaukee from Brewer’s Hill: 1830 N Hubbard St.
5pm to whenever the cops come

OPEN bar and bountiful apps
Come one, come all… bring your friends!
Sad, but true.

We’re getting evicted … by the new building owner who wants this sweet pad for their own office.
We can’t blame them, but you should.
So let’s get nuts together one last time.

In case that’s not reason enough, here are 8 more to put in your pipe and smoke… 

8 Reasons to Join us for SRH’s LAST BALCONY BASH EVER on September 16th:

  1. 726 Days! That’s how many days will have passed between this bash and our last one celebrating our 5th birthday in 2019. That’s waaaaaaay too long.
  2. A real, live, accredited magician will be on site doing what magicians do: stealing your watches and wallets.
  3. A real, live, accredited bartender will be onsite doing what bartenders do: pouring our beloved partner Sam Hogerton vodka sodas and occasionally serving guests.
  4. Meet a handful of new SRHers who are totally rad.
  5. See a beautiful sunset over Milwaukee’s skyline.
  6. Mix it up with other cool peeps from all walks of Milwaukee life — even some from the suburbs.
  7. Play me in a game of bags (cornhole, bean bag toss) for a chance to win a free marketing idea. Disclaimer: you’re gonna get what you pay for.
  8. Meet my new fiancé, Taina, and ask her, “What are you thinking?” Seriously: please ask her and let me know. Canadian women are so mysterious.

Will we see you there?