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2021 ADDY Awards


It’s funny the way campaigns work out sometimes. Take a look at our BAMGAM “Bad at Marketing, Great at Mattresses” campaign for Verlo Mattress. Who’da thunk our lovable loser Mattie the Mattress would be the one bringing home so much gold?

BAMGAM tops the list of 5 ADDYs recently given to SRH by AAF Madison Local.

Work that garnered attention includes the following:

  • Verlo Mattress BAMGAM 2020 — Gold ADDY Television Advertising
  • Dean Health Plan Brand Campaign — Silver ADDY Television Advertising
  • Palermo’s Urban Pie Flavor Breakthrough — Silver ADDY Television Advertising
  • Children’s Wisconsin Shine Through — Silver ADDY for Integrated Campaign
  • Children’s Wisconsin Shine Through — Silver ADDY for Corporate Social Responsibility Marketing

Creative work is submitted to the American Advertising Awards ADDY awards though local AAF clubs where winners are chosen from over 35,000 entries based on excellence and creativity. Gold winners in this first tier (local), like BAMGAM, are then forwarded on to the second tier (regionals) for a chance to win nationally (third tier).

Here’s hoping Mattie continues his uncharacteristically triumphant winning streak and congrats to ALL of our client teams.