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The Age of Empirical Marketing Has Arrived

Emerging research from the world’s leading marketing science institutes has uncovered the universal Laws of Brand Growth …

Empirically proven over decades across all categories and geographies. This is readily available to anyone. They publish the findings.

Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science
IPA - The Long & The Short of It

Their work has brought scientific rigor to questions of marketing strategy that have all too often been settled by gut instinct, inherited wisdom, and the pressing need to keep the C-suite happy.

It’s up to marketers like us to figure out what to do with these discoveries; every brand is in the midst of an arms race.

Empirical Marketing is Not Quantum Mechanics

But it is complex. And, not unlike quantum mechanics, it does explain the hidden forces that govern the world of brand growth.

Many proven laws are surprising and contradict widely accepted beliefs evangelized by business schools, “gurus,” agencies and marketing leaders everywhere. As examples…

  • The Acquisition Law debunks the notion that it’s easier to get existing customers to buy more than winning new customers, aka The Loyalty Myth.

  • The Media Balance Law combats the short-termism that’s taken over the industry, especially an obsession with tracking “conversions” on digital platforms like Facebook, Google and Amazon — The Activation Myth.

  • The Availability Law rectifies The Awareness Myth that increasing brand awareness drives brand growth.

It’s time we let go of our dogma and embrace the data.

SRH: The Agency of Empirical Marketing

Our mission is simple: help marketing leaders harness the power of empirical marketing to grow market share, minimize waste and justify bigger budgets.

We have worked with pioneers in the space to develop a proprietary Marketing Engine Dashboard — “The Cogs of Empirical Marketing” — to measure the proven drivers of market share like Mental Availability and Share of Voice.

The Cogs are an evidence-based framework for understanding how advertising and distribution impacts market share. The dashboard empowers leaders to confidently invest in strategies that are proven to drive growth.

Beyond The Cogs, we have frameworks for guiding leaders and their teams through empirical marketing planning and activation, such as mapping Category Entry Points — the various situations, needs, and triggers that lead a consumer to consider a product category. Category entry points are the building blocks of Mental Availability.

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